Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast @ Dalgety Parish Church 2018

17th Nov – Brian Shaw – A Year as Rotary President

(All breakfasts start at 9.30am)

The Men’s Breakfasts started back in 2012. Alan Dunlop had attended similar events at a church in Dunfermline where men of the congregation met together informally for food and fellowship and felt it would be something that the men (and boys – there’s no age limit!) of Dalgety Parish Church would enjoy. Iain Welsh had trained in hotel management and had an idea of what we needed to do to put a meal on.
That first breakfast went so well we decided to make it a regular event and we now host around 6 breakfasts a year one of which is open to the whole congregation in support of our Harvest Appeal charity. We have also done some other events, such as preparing breakfast for the Messy Weekends and running barbeques at church summer fairs.
There is a core of around five or six who do the cooking and washing up which helps share the work around and there is no doubt we have a great laugh together, in fact one of the biggest pleasures is the shared fellowship of the chefs!
So, if you have never been before what’s in it for you? We always have orange juice, tea and proper coffee (no instant coffee here!) then it could be anything from a full Scottish breakfast to rolls or croissants with bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs. We occasionally have a healthy option, but only occasionally!
A feature of the breakfasts is that we have a speaker or discussion and we have been fortunate to have some excellent speakers who add greatly to the time we share together.
If you have never come to one of our breakfasts before or not been for a while please come along, we would be delighted to welcome you and your friends. The more that come along the noisier the sound of fellowship! For more information, please contact the Church Office or email