This year we are concentrating on ‘Money’ and how we use it.

The ethics of how we earn, spend; and the ways we can use our money to help others.


For folks that do not know, the Stewardship team encourages and supports the Congregation to take part in the national stewardship programme.

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Each year a theme of either Time, Talents or Money is focused on and last year our theme was Time.

As a Team we felt it was important that we created opportunities for the Church to focus on the following:

Time for Jesus
Time for Others
Time for You

Therefore we organised a number events across the year, to support this:

In February we launched the campaign by encouraging folks to sign up for a daily email “40acts- Do Lent Generously” which provided a daily thought/reflection and challenge. Using material from 40acts we also set up two home groups to meet through Lent and it is great to see that a merged group continues to meet on a regular basis.

In April we held our first “Café Church”. We spent the evening with readings, prayers, poems, discussions, worship and of course lots of coffee and cake! There was great buzz about the Church as we discussed how we could make “Time” for Jesus. Folks really enjoyed the format and the Congregational Development Group have built on this and have now made this a regular event.

In June we had we held our “Mini Retreat Walk” to Aberdour. Conversations were really interesting and it was a great way to find out a bit more about different people in our congregation, to hear about their faith journeys and to share our own experiences.

In September we published Words of Faith – “Our Verses”. This is a collection of Bible verses and thoughts of what they mean to people. I would like to thank everyone again for their contributions that made this possible. It was also good that we could send 50 of these out to our Church family in Engcongolweni. If you still do have your own copy and want one please contact a member of the Stewardship Team or the Church office.

Our last event for the year which is was held in November is a “Cheese & Wine”. It was a great opportunity to spend “Time” together as a Church and watch a certain football match!! ( Although perhaps some enjoyed the result more than others!)

If all the above was not enough, the Stewardship Team was also asked to “star” in a film to promote Stewardship across the Church of Scotland. You can view this on the Church of Scotland website and spot a certain Session Clerk!

So as you can see it has been a busy year, but I hope that you have found these opportunities useful and helped you on your journey.

So what now? Well 2017 theme is “Money” so as a Team we are starting to pray and plan on what this might look like for our Congregation. If you are interested in joining the Team or finding out more please contact myself or one of the Team, it’s a lot of fun!!

Michael Yarney

Stewardship Team.