Stewardship Campaign – 2017: Money

For folks that do not know, the Stewardship Team encourages and supports the Congregation to take part in the National Stewardship Programme.

Each year a theme of either Time, Talents or Money is focused on and this year our theme is Money.

Please do NOT stop reading!  I am not going to ask you to give more money at this point of the article! As a Stewardship team we felt that our campaign this year should be around providing practical educational information about money related issues, information about ethical based financial services (for example Credit Unions) and most importantly how as Christians we can have a right relationship with money.  For the avoidance of doubt we are not looking to provide any financial advice!

So our first event as you hopefully heard by now is the Baked Potato Lunch on the 3rd of June (11am- 1pm). Lloyds Banking Group are going to give a presentation about all types of fraud that could affect the community and how we can protect ourselves followed by the option to stay and enjoy lunch and chat.

Now this is the bit of the article when you may think that I am asking for you to give more money on behalf of the treasurer … well I am not!  However, I would ask you to reflect/pray about the following in respect of your offering:

  • If you pay by standing order, when did you last consider if this is still an appropriate amount? (This could be putting it up or down!)
  • If you are a tax payer, are you gift aiding?
  • If you are a higher rate tax payer, are you claiming the additional relief through your tax return?
  • If you currently give your offering by cash/cheque, could you change to standing order? (With the closing of our Bank Branch in Dalgety Bay, this could help with some of the practicalities that the Church will have to deal with.)

There are Banker order and gift aid forms available in the hall of fellowship. However if you have any questions please speak to me and I will point you in the right direction!

Finally it would be remiss of me not to repeat the thanks from the Eldership for your generosity to date in Time, Talents and Money. Without this we could not be a vibrant Church serving our community.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd of June – don’t forget, you could bring a friend or neighbour along too!!


Michael Yarney

Stewardship team

P.S.  We are always looking for folks to join our Stewardship Team.  It’s great fun and it’s not a sentence for life if you join (honest!!). Please speak to me if you are interested….