At the moment this booking system is not in use – but whenever we are able to re-open – then this will be how you ‘book in’.

Hello! …and welcome to Dalgety Parish Church.


Sunday Services 2020


Our Services have reverted to online only until such time as we are able to  re-open our building and welcome worshippers back ‘in person’.


Livestream is on our youtube channel at 9.30am each Sunday and a warm welcome awaits,  that is of course a virtual welcome…… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9W-T5YfURUXcf83sn8r0A

We continue to have our facebook live reflections (which you can see live on Dalgety Parish Church facebook page at 10am on a Tuesday and Friday)


Dalgety Parish Church and Covid – 19

Sadly along with so many other places the church buildings is for the moment closed.  There can be no weddings, baptisms, or indeed funeral services in church.

However what we do have is ‘church’ that continues even when our building is ‘closed’. We are God’s people, a community of faith even when dispersed – maybe especially when dispersed!

We are doing what we can to continue Sunday morning worship – usually found on Youtube Dalgety Parish Church; as and when this is not possible Sunday morning worship will be on the church facebook page.  The youtube channel has some back numbers too – so if we can’t produce a new one on youtube, try one of the older ones, or google and find a congregation that is livestreaming on a Suday morning.

We have added daily reflections live on the church facebook page at 10am Tuesday and Friday mornings.  (Dalgety Parish Church)

New instructions will no doubt come and as they do we will endeavour to continue worship in the community.



give thanks for so many who continue to work to provide food, transport resources for shops, stock and serve, clean and maintain all we need in these challenging times; please pray for your church – Kirk Session and Minister. Call your family, friends, neighbours…..be the one who lifts someone else’s spirits. 

I continue to pray for you, each and every one. And God is with you, may you know his peace,



We meet for worship every Sunday at 9.30am.  Details of how to find us may be found on our Contacts page.


We are a mixed congregation, and we would love you to become part of that mix.

We are an active congregation who enjoy ‘liberal Bible-based’ worship, keeping our faith at the centre of our lives as best we can.  We aim to be able to laugh together, and cry together

We are also active in the community and further afield as you will discover through our worship, our magazine – WOW; and through the many invitations, extended to members and parish alike, to join in our events, to come to hear a variety of speakers, to join in ventures locally and as far away as Malawi!

We are active – however we are not perfect! We aim to do our best, to welcome everyone, of all denominations and none, no matter where anyone is on their faith journey, no matter race, background, gender, sexuality. No matter even what football or rugby team you support!

Please ask us about anything that is on your mind; come and share your thoughts, becoming part of this amazing, fun-loving, faith-filled team.

We look forward to the shared journey ahead.

Pastoral Matters

Pastoral Care: Members of the Ministry Team are available to help with any pastoral matters.

Baptism: The minister would be happy to discuss baptism with you.

Marriage: Couples who wish to be married in church should contact the minister as soon as possible. The minister is willing to consider conducting wedding services at other local venues.

Funerals: Following the death of a loved one, the minister may be contacted by the funeral directors or by the family. The minister is very willing to help with funerals for those in the parish, no matter whether they be church members or not.

Our Service is live streamed each week – search youtube Dalgety Parish Church. You will also find recordings from the last 6 months. Recordings can also be found on the website and our facebook page – Dalgety Parish Church

Rev. Christine Sime,
Minister, Dalgety Parish Church.