Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

A warm welcome awaits, at the moment – that is of course a virtual welcome…… on livestream,

ALL are welcome at any and all of our services. We are an inclusive church, with a breadth of theologies represented. We do not all think alike, but we are all trying to live out the gospel as best we can.

Every Sunday morning you will find a warm and friendly welcome to our worship.

We start at 9.30am, and follow quite a traditional yet very informal journey through worship. During term time our young folk leave the service after the second hymn to go to Junior Church Activities, although children are welcome to remain in church throughout the service, no matter their age or stage. We are used to some noise and distraction and there are toys, paper and pencils at the front area for them if they prefer to gather there.

We sing traditional and more modern hymns, to organ, digibox, our own band and sometimes even unaccompanied. The sermon, we hope, links our Scripture Readings with our day to day lives, and whilst learning about the contexts in which our Scriptures were written, in which Jesus and others spoke, it is important we also learn how to apply what we learn to today’s world.

We also enjoy our faith and worship. Laughter and tears are acceptable. Fun and humour essential!

After covid…….we will return to

There is coffee/tea etc available both before and after the service – a chance to catch up, or even discuss the service!

On the second Sunday of each month we have an evening service. The service starts at 7pm

On the last Wednesday of each month we have an evening Communion Service at 7pm.